Integrated Petroleum Festival 2018 (IPFEST 2018)

Integrated Petroleum Festival 2018 (IPFEST 2018) is an annual International Petroleum competition-based event held by Society of Petroleum Engineers ITB Student ChapterIkatan Ahli Teknik Perminyakan SM ITB, and Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Perminyakan (HMTM) “PATRA” ITB which is a union from two previous major events, Integrated Petroleum Week (IPWeek) and Indonesian Petroleum Exhibition and Competition (IPEXC) ITB. With the theme “Enhancing Energy Resilience through Innovative Collaboration”IPFEST 2018 is expected as a collaboration venue between any stakeholders to propose solutions in enhancing Indonesia’s energy resilience.


IPFEST 2018 was held in series of event and competition preceded by Blood Donation, Dream Class, Medical Check Up, and Petro Run as pre-events. Six competitions which are Paper Competition, Smart Competition, Plan of Development Competition, Oil Rig Design Competition, Mud Innovative Competition, Business Case Competition and followed by IPConvex, Tour de Bandung, and Gala Dinner as the main events of IPFEST 2018.


IPFEST 2018 provided a great occasion for students to increase their knowledge, develop their innovations, and opened up their connections with fellow students who have the strong interest to cope with energy problems and discuss with professionals regarding energy issues that are happening.